Health care and government

Health insurance

Starting in 2014, the Indonesian government establishes the National Health Insurance program that is mandatory for all Indonesian people, whether rich or poor. JKN (NHI)  is the name of the government program for the health sector.

img-20161021-wa0008Especially for the poor, the government provides a program for beneficiaries premium. So the government is paying the health premium for the poor to enter the category of class III. Poor families can join for the program through the office of the village / village their region and proceed to the health ministry. If indeed they are from poor families, they will get the insurance card.

Assessment that one can get Beneficiaries premium program or not, entirely of government village / town connected with the Ministry of Health.

While BPJS/Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (Social Security Administrator) is the name of the institution which organizing the Social Security. There are two categories namely BPJS – Health and BPJ