Interview with…

My name is Achmad Pandu.kartini-4

I am studying at a Vocational High School, majority in Multi Media. I learn animation and broadcast. But I prefer the broadcast. I enjoy my school so much. Every day I go to school which it is around 6 km from my house. Sometimes I do it by bike or take a mini bus. It is never mind I like to do that.

I also had done my job training at a radio broadcasting in Malang for 3 months when I was at the 2nd grade. I liked to do that very much. I used every time to know many things about broadcasting. I am very interested in radio broadcast. I want to have many knowledge about it. It makes me love the broadcasting program more and more. I often ask many questions to the senior people about the broadcasting and I like to try and try to do the best. I am at the 3rd grade now. It is the last grade of this school. I will face my final examination on April 2016.

Nowadays I am doing many practices at school; doing animation design then on the beginning of 2016 I have to prepare myself to face the final examination to get my graduation. After finishing this school I hope to get a broadcast course, I really want to get it because I want to be a radio announcer.

Actually my hobby is playing football but I want to have a job as a radio announcer. I want to be a successful man and make my mother will be proud of me. I also want to make my foster parents, Stichting Kartini and Permata Hati Foundation are proud of me.

They have liked to support my school so I will always study hard to reach my successful. Every their help is very meaningful for me. I also like to express my gratitude to everyone I have mentioned above. Their good help, support and love have given me a good spirit and great motivation to study hard and will finish it well.

I also hope that there will be many people who like to be sponsor/foster parents for supporting many poor children in Indonesia, especially in Malang. I am one of the lucky children who are getting help and support via Permata Hati/Stichting Kartini.

I can feel how useful and meaningful the help is for poor children as me.

From the lucky foster child,                               Achmad Pandu,