My visit to Permata Hati

December last year I went for a holiday to Indonesia and had a wish to combine my stay with a visit to my two sponsor children who live in Sumber Manjing near Malang.

While I was in Solo I contacted Ibu Yayuk by WhatsApp. We agreed that she would pick me up the next day at my hotel in Malang. Some misunderstandings later, we finally met and Ibu Yayuk was waiting for me in front of the hotel together with another Permata Hati team member.

After a long beautiful but also tiring ride with one lunch stop, we arrived at the village near the beach. We were welcomed by a lady who is contact person for Permata Hati in that specific area and she accompanied us also to the little house of Mifta, the youngest of the two girls I help.

When we arrived it appeared that she was alone at home under the guardian eyes of neighbours. Miftas father is fisherman and was still at sea. So young and little and already alone in a rather empty, unconformable home. There was one mattress on the floor.

Ibu Yayuk and I did some nice talking with Mifta and I gave her typical Dutch little presents and chocolate. Unfortunately the chocolate was melted and was all over her face and hands. After this we said goodbye and we continued our tour to visit the second girl, Cahya. Just before we wanted to go, Miftas father arrived by motorcycle back from sea, so I could speak with him shortly as well. I am happy that I could meet him after all.

We walked to the house of Cahya at the beachside. She lives there with her grandparents. They were awaiting us already and were nicely dressed. Cahya is a beautiful girl. We all met and had a nice conversation. Also here, I could make them happy with some typical Dutch souvenirs.

At the beach we made some pictures. I noticed that it is beautiful surroundings not spoiled by tourism yet. I also enjoyed a nice drink directly out of the coconut. Than it was time to say goodbye. We promised to come back some day again.

On our way back to Malang we stopped to have dinner and a nice day was over. Ibu Yayuk brought us safely back at the hotel. It was a beautiful experience and very worthwhile.

Sjors Otto