Our team

Our team has 3 administrators with 2 Social Workers ( should be 4 social workers) and 1 guy as guard and cleaner

YayukErnawati: Chairman of the Governing Board since 1993

1. To lead the implementation and be responsible for the sustainability of the Foundation 2. To lead the program implementation as stipulated in the Governing Board meeting 3. In the capacity of the Foundation in external relations (government)

Ester Windarni: Governing Board Secretary since 1993

1. Keeping and managing Foundation documentation 2. Organizing the Foundation letters. 3. Maintaining order and security of Foundation documentation. 4. Carry out tasks as ordered by the leadership.

SumeiAdi:  Governing Board Treasurer since 1993

1. Arrange the books, receipts and expenses of money every day 2. Make monthly financial reports to the Foundation Management. 3. Increase the receipt of money for the Foundation through fundraising activities through other legal channels.

Social worker :

1. As a representative of the Foundation in dealing with foster children regarding: school needs, health,   monitoring children’s behavior inside and outside school and within the family. 2. Foster children monitoring; foster children’s education and providing guidance 3. Report the results of monitoring children’s family problems to the Chairman of the Board 4. Responsible for each task given by the leadership

Our goal is to help 400 children with 4 social workers, assuming 1 Social Worker serves around 100 foster children.

But currently we still only have 353 children. And we only 2 social workers because the other 2 of social workers resigned; to move to another town and the other has changed other profession.

Since we have around 20 working days, our service time division is as follows:

First 10 days: social workers go to school to pay for children’s school fees.

Next 5 days: conduct home visits assuming that one day to visit 3-4 homes of the children, within 5 days 15-20 families will be visited. So that 100 children: 20 children / month, on average the child’s family will receive a home visit by a social worker once every semester / 6 months or 2 times a year.

We divided the responsibilities of officers by school location. Due to the increasing number of clients in city and district areas, we divide the work area by school location.

1. Sasmita serves the children’s schools in Malang regency (Turen & Tambakrejo) 2. Emannuel Ponidi serves the children in the city of Malang, Singosari & Tumpang 3. Sumei Adi (temporarily replaces the resigned Social Worker) for the Malang City & Bulu Lawang area 4. Yayuk Ernawati (temporarily replacing the Social Worker who moved out of town) for the Malang City area.