Sandi feels lucky


My name is Sandi Pratama Wibowo . I am now at the 3rd grade of the middle school. it is the last grade of Junior High School. I really enjoy my school. I hope that I will finish this school in June 2020. After completing my studies in junior high school, I will continue to vocational majoring in graphic design. I really hope that I will do it well.

I am really lucky to get a help via Permata Hati Foundation. My parents are divorced when I was at The Elementary School. They have 3 children from their marriage; my sister named Adriana, she is at the 2nd grade of Vocational School. I am the 2nd child and I still have a younger brother around 7 years old. He studies at an Elementary School. After separating my father goes to somewhere we don’t know where he is. My mother has to be a backbone in the family. She works as a housemaid. She helps a family to do laundry, to cook, to iron and etc. She leaves house at 7 in the morning and she comes home at 4 in the evening. I am very sorry for my mother. She has to be a single fighter to take care her children. But I am really proud of my mom. She is a very tough woman.  So that is why the help from my sponsor via Stichting Kartini and Permata Hati Foundation is very meaningful for me and also for my family.

My hobby is playing soccer and footsal ( indoor soccer). I really want to be a famous football player. I often practice and play soccer with school friends and also friends in my village. I always like to do that.

I was once chosen to join a club that represents my district. At that time a football competition was held in the city of Malang. I was chosen from school and also some children from other schools to compete on behalf of our district. Starting from the initial game until the final I managed to collect 7 goals. My team won 3rd place in Malang.

I want to continue to pursue my hobby, hopefully this will also be useful for my future. But I always remember the message from Mrs.Ernawati , Chair of the Permata Hati Foundation, that I must continue to prioritize my school. My school must be number 1 because this will help me achieve my goals later. Mrs. Yayuk said, your school education and enthusiasm will help you to achieve your goals and make your future better. I will always remember her advice.

Therefore I will continue to school with high spirits.

I am grateful even though I come from a broken and poor family  but God provides help for me and my family. There are people who God uses  to bless my life and family.

Thanks to my sponsor Tante Katja v.d.Veldt through Kartini Foundation in the Netherlands and also  Permata Hati Foundation who always supports my education. I will continue to study in high spirits. I will welcome my better future by completing my study well.

From the lucky child,

Sandi Pratama Wibowo