Permata Hati Foundation collaborates with state and private schools in Malang regency and city.

We do not differentiate according to religious schools, the important thing is that these schools are willing to receive aid / school fees or tuition assistance for children from our members who study at these schools.

We network with state schools, Moslem (Islam schools as NU Wakhid Hashim, Maarif, etc.), Christians and also Catholics whose education costs are not too expensive.

We help children in kindergarten, elementary, junior high, senior high school and vocational school. And if it is possible to continue with adding course for one year (example: Information & Computer Engineering, Computer Graphic Design and Multi Media, etc.)

The various types of Vocational High School study programs are:

Computer Engineering, Network Software Engineering, Automotive,  Wood,  Electric,  Building,

Catering/ Culinary,  Beauty, Fashion, Hospitality, Multi Media, Nursery, Business & Management Accounting,  Administration, Design Graphic,  Chemical Analysis, etc.

We currently help:

5 children of Kindergarten ( 2 boys and 3 girls)

• 100 children in primary school (49 boys and 51 girls)

• 132 children in junior high school (58 boys and 74 girls)

• 91 children in Senior/Vocational School (35 boys and 56 girls)

The number of children we have assisted up to December 2020 is 353 children (150 boys and 203 girls)

On June 2020 graduated from Senior/Vocational School = 55 children (14 boys and 41 girls)