The story of Nadia Swastika

Hello all!

My name is Nadia Swastika. I am 26 years old now. I was a member of Permata Hati Foundation – Stichting Kartini in 2007 – 2012. First, I was registered  as a member of Permata Hati  when I was at the 2nd grade of Junior High School. My foster parent name was Fam. A.Bosma I was finished my Senior High School in 2012. I am really thankful that the help of my foster parent  through Permata Hati and Stichting Kartini had been a bridge  on my life journey to be as I am now.

I am currently working as Chinese Language teacher at BINUS School Bekasi – Jakarta . BINUS is one of popular international schools in Indonesia. I am so grateful I can be a part of BINUS to fostering and empowering in building and serving the nation.

Before I started my career as Chinese Language teacher, I was graduated from Brawijaya University in 2016 as Bachelor of Art in Chinese Language and Literature. Back in 2015 when I was a college student, I got a scholarship from (CLCE) Chinese Language and Culture EducationFoundation of China to join Chinese Language Teaching Program and Culture Course in Nanjing Xiao Zhuang University. That was my first time Iwent aboard and visited China.

I still remember that one day I was going home from church; I was lost in the station. I did notknow where the exit gate wasand I couldn’t speak Chinese fluently at that time. Even the station officer they couldn’tspeak English. From that moment I realized that 3 years of learning Chinese language in collegedidn’t mean much. I am a Chinese language student who got lost in China because couldn’tspeak Chinese. That was so embarrassing for me. I flew back home and told myself I must study harder,graduated and visit China again.

After graduated, I came back to China in 2017. I got a scholarship from Confucius Institute to join Chinese Language and Culture course in Guangxi Normal University. I studied there for a half year and finished my program with good score.

In 2018, I started worked for aChinese multinational technology company that we know called as HUAWEI. I was the youngest Business Marketing staffat that time who did not have an education background in business marketing. I was having a hard time adapting to this job and had lots of things to learn in a short time. However, I am managed to do my jobs well.

At the end of 2018 I moved to Surabaya, I got new opportunities to work as Head of Marketing Operational department in Chinese Internet Company which is focused on e-commerce and online financial services in Southeast Asian countries.After 3 months of work, I was in charge of two departments, marketing and business development. In May 2019, the company sent me to Sydney, Australia for a business trip. But it was the first and the last business trip I had with the company.

Sometimes, things happen unpredictably in our life and bring us to the new journey. I moved back to Jakarta and got this job in BINUS. Never come in my mind I would becomea teacher, but here I am now. A Chinese language teacher who still need to learn how to be a better and inspiring teacher every day.

I pray may God always bless Permata Hati- Stichting Kartini and all sponsors / foster parents so that they can continue to be an extension of God’s hand in helping poor children, especially in Malang, so that they can continue to go to school to reach their better future.

Send regards for success,

Nadia Swastika,