Why do they need help

sela-karisma-qumairohA lot of children doesn’t have the opportunity to get a proper education. One of the greatest reason of this fact is that parent doesn’t have money enough to let their children go to school. No work, unemployed, no father etc.etc.

As you can reed in our  GOALS, it is very important that all the children has to get the possibility to learn.Therefore we started in 1993 to set up this project together with Kartini. But to continue our goal as a yayasan sosial we need the support of people who want to help a child in a financial way.

In our project we have about 400 children, the cost of school, books, uniform etc. are be paid by the foster parents of Kartini.

These children have contact with the foster parent by writing cards with birthday or Christmas, also are there foster parents who visit there sponsored child during holiday.

But there is more concerning costs; sessions with the parents, the shoes for each child, the maintenance of the office, in case of emergency hospital expenses for a child or the parent, the loss of a house by fire etc. Al examples who costs extra.

By donate money for these extra expenses it is for us a possibility to keep our project up to date and sufficient and it stimulates us as crew to go further whit a diamond heart.

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