Children will be helped by being a member


To recruit new kids, we are working with schools and communities around children.

At first we need to know:our-children-are-on-activity

  1. How is the motivation of the children to go to school.
  2. Children are from pre-prosperous /poor family.
  3. Families / Parents can make Application for assistance from Permata Hati Foundation with known chairman of neighbourhood, chairman of resident and head of village.
  4. The application equipped with a Copy of Family Card, Certificate of Poor Family, birth certificate, ID card of both parents and school reportage.

Once the requirements are submitted to Permata Hati, then we will do:

  1. Survey to the child’s home / family, making photos of situation of the child / family.
  2. If the child / family is eligible for getting assistance then we will make the child’s photo.
  3. Sending a photograph to Stichting Kartini in the Netherlands to look for foster parents / sponsor.

When the child has found a sponsor / foster parents, Stichting Kartini will contact Permata Hati Foundation to inform that the child has found a sponsor.

Then we will invite child and parents to come to the Foundation’s office to get an explanation of their rights and obligations as a member of the Foundation.

To keep in touch with the children, families and schools as well, we have Social Workers in charge to serve the needs of the children in conjunction with schools, families and the Foundation.